Failsafe brand protection solutions

Give your consumers complete peace of mind with mobile phone-based product authentication

An ever-growing number of brands investing in protecting products and clients

Patented, cost-effective anti-counterfeit solutions that any consumer will find easy to use

Consumer-powered authentication

Enable your consumers to authenticate products with nothing more than their mobile phones, with authentication results immediately presented and zero effort required to access complex hidden features.

Cost-effective, high scale production

Benefit from affordable solutions that meet the requirements of even the most demanding brand production scenarios.

Patented security technology

Arm yourself with leading, continuously evolving security solutions that increase barriers to counterfeiting.

100% secure labels

Rely on potent technology combining sophisticated coding, data encryption, variable holographic data and image scanning to deliver the highest possible levels of label security.

Rules engine-based

Leverage a fast and easy to deploy cloud-hosted data module to track and monitor potentially malicious user behavior.

Throttling prevention

Protect yourself against DoS (Denial of Service) and other cyber-attacks launched on your O2O (Offline-to-Online) campaigns, data and mobile experience.

Visual Qr Codes
Visual Qr Codes

Multiple Physical security layers

Visualead's security technology can be applied on numerous physical support media – from paper labels to metallic beverage can pull tabs – with multi-layered authentication that combines visual images embedded with unique codes, encrypted data and variable holograms.

This is the only solution on the market that merges classic overt holographic features with innovative digital coding to create a truly failsafe tag that cannot be duplicated.

Qr Code Generator
Qr Code Generator

Mobile and cloud-hosted security

Our cloud-based security solution comprises numerous layers seamlessly working together to offer protection against a range of counterfeiting and cyber threats. The rules-based engine at its core leverages O2O (Offline-to-Online) big data, enabling monitoring of any usage and other pattern deviation to identify counterfeit products. The solution’s anti-throttling and data security module provides even stronger protection for anti-counterfeiting- and marketing campaign-related smart packaging data, prize rewards and consumer mobile experience.

Visualead’s security solution is backed by mobile app SDKs enabling our customers to implement scanning capabilities supporting all Visualead security labels and features. Our mobile app-embedded scanner serves as an additional security layer that brands may add to their white label app and anti-counterfeiting strategies.

The de facto anti-counterfeiting standard for China-based resellers

Visualead's anti-counterfeiting technology serves as the backbone of Alibaba's anti-counterfeiting platform for resellers and brands. It successfully provides failsafe protection for countless FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), cosmetics, electronics and beverage brands.

Alibaba Group