Our Mission

Visualead’s mission is to help brands and SMBs leverage their physical assets to amplify their digital ones and create successful and secure omni channel experiences.

Visualead is a software company focused on the research, development and enablement of IOT technologies that transform a presence into an engaging and secure touch point between consumers, manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and brands.

Our Technology

At Visualead we develop patented technology to drive new business cases and develop our competitive solutions. We have a strong IP portfolio with multiple granted patents and patent pending applications.

Dealing with both Online and Offline use cases we develop technology in a verity of fields including: machine readable codes, encryption and security, computer vision and machine learning and scalable cloud architectures. Our research team had won numerous awards in top computer vision competitions in Israel.

Why Work With Us?

Strong R&D innovation

Using computer vision, deep learning and security technologies to develop the next stages of marketing and security O2O products.

Execution and scale

Proven technology used by over 700m users and on more than 2B products. Fully integrated end to end scalable solutions.

Strong in China

We have partnered with many offline to online ecosystem partners in China including printing houses, manufacturers, IT providers and marketing agencies to provide end to end rich solutions for our clients.

Our Team

Nevo Alva

Co-founder and CEO

Nevo leads Visualead towards a brilliant future. Prior to Visualead, Nevo founded a web-development startup company when he was only 16, served as an Officer in the Israeli Air Force, and held senior management positions in several technology startups. Nevo holds a B.A. in Business Management & Aviation Sciences from Haifa University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University with an emphasis on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation management. If he had free time, Nevo would have spent it with his wife and kid. Otherwise, Nevo enjoys volunteering, snowboarding, and photography.

Itamar Friedman

Co-founder and CTO

Itamar is a computer vision and machine learning guru, and the technology oracle at Visualead. Back at high school, Itamar founded with Nevo their first web-development startup. Prior to Visualead, Itamar served as CTO of Dreambots and an Engineer at Mellanox and Kaminario. Itamar received his B.Sc. (summa cum laude) and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, specializing in computer vision and machine learning. He published several academic papers, including “Icon Scanning – Detection & Recognition” (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2012) and “Dancing Icons” (International Conference on Computer Vision 2011). Itamar enjoys tutoring, volunteering, and yacht sailing.

Joyce Tai

Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director Asia Pacific

Joyce is a digital practice and e-commerce veteran with over 17 years of diversified experiences in enterprise sales. Now at Visualead she heads up market development and transforms brands' engagements with their customers into meaningful relationships through Visualead’s solutions. Prior to joining in Visualead in 2015, Joyce served as COO and General Manager of Business Planning and Operations at Optimix Asia, and Vice President of Asia Pacific at Digital River where she established and expanded its businesses and footprints in the region. Joyce holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Fu-Jen Catholic University (Taipei) and M.A. in Advertising from National Cheng-Chi University (Taipei).

Eddie Smolyansky

Head of Research

One of our youngest team members, Eddie joined as an accomplished computer vision engineer and quickly grew to lead Visualead's Research vision and efforts. Always working on the Next Big Thing, the highly academic research team is responsible for the company's innovation and next generation of disruptive technologies. Prior to Visualead, Eddie worked on cutting edge computer vision algorithms in the smartphone dual-lens company CorePhotonics. In the IDF, he took part in the prestigious Psagot program and later served as an academic officer in the unit 8200, where his team won the Israel Defense Award (among others). He holds two B.Sc. degrees from the Technion - in EE and Physics and is completing his Masters in EE in the University of Tel Aviv. When Eddie isn't spending his weekends hacking away at the latest tech and algorithms, he is probably updating his blog, growing his photography portfolio or fighting his way back into masters in Overwatch.

Sagi Nadir

Tech & Innovation Lead

Salvatore Cino

Mobile Developer

Renyan Cai

Director, Client Delivery

Sagi Rorlich

Core & Mobile Manager

Shimrit Asulin


Sarit Baicher Romach

HR Growth and Operations Manager

Ilan Chemla

Web Team Leader

Gilad Sharir

Senior Computer Vision Researcher

Yu-Chao Chang

Director, Product Managment

Maggie Lee

Director, Business Development

Irina Afanasyeva

Customer Success Manager

Daniel Hayun Shuster

Office Manager

Visualead Team

Our Investors

Alibaba Group
Entree Capital


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