Smart packaging

Leverage your products to drive consumers to your digital channels

By 2025, 40% of all product packages anticipated to become smart packages

Smart package – the transition from manufacturing to marketing, from logistics to data, from brands to consumer experience. Enabled via unique identity applied to each individual product.

Enable millennials to consume smarter

Meet value-driven millennials' expectation for brand owners to help them achieve more intelligent consumerism.

Make packaging an integral part of product experience

Cater to the perception of 85% of millennials, of packaging being inseparable from product and brand experience.

Seize a new engagement opportunity

Achieve direct connection with consumers on store shelves, and improve their buying decisions.

Generate incremental sales

Extend product consumption experience via digital engagement that builds brand loyalty and expands sales opportunities.

Build brand trust

Protect customers against product knock-offs and cheap replicas, with anti-counterfeiting solutions that deliver full information transparency.

Really know your customers

Develop deep understanding of your customers' buying and consumption trends, via smart package-generated big data.

Smart Packaging At Work

Smart packaging used to implement product authentication, logistics data tracking and traceability, marketing campaign execution, product information acquisition and transparency, warranty registration, and much more.

The Visualead Smart Packaging solution

We enable FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands to transform their commercial offerings into smart packages, with an end-to-end solution addressing all product marketing, authentication and logistics traceability requirements. Among the Visualead Smart Packaging offering's key capabilities are high scale printing and production, per-package cost optimization, and delivery of both impactful incentives and engaging consumer experience.

High Scale Focus

We work with FMCG brands with production lines delivering billions of products per year. Visualead solutions are specifically designed for speed, scalability, quality and competitive FMCG packaging pricing.

Placing Consumers First

A package is only really a smart package if it drives consumer engagement. Our technology is uniquely geared to boost consumer interest and engagement by up to 800% – a great deal more than any alternative solution can claim.

A Strong Track Record in APAC

APAC product sales growth is significantly higher than that of other geographies, and is therefore a highly appealing target market for smart packaging. With a strong track record and a broad network of ecosystem partners in this market, Visualead is ideally positioned to deliver end-to-end solutions to major APAC brands.

Visualead Smart Packaging Cloud Management Platform

Smart Packaging Cloud Management Platform

Smart packaging Visual QR Code design:

A rich, powerful design toolset enabling you to create the most appealing codes, to be applied on your product packaging for maximum customer engagement.

Batch management:

A versatile order management system supporting batch production line printing and laser marking of secure serial codes.

Mobile experience delivery and analytics:

Infuse code batches or individual smart product codes with mobile experience, then easily track campaign progress and gain valuable customer behavior insights.

Visualead Smart Packaging Cloud Management Platform

Inline Production Line Printing And Laser Marking

Visualead's high scale on premise solution enables you to utilize your production line to generate billions of smart packaging codes, and verify their quality in-line. Our offering comes integrated with such leading production solution vendors as HP and AVT out-of-the-box, enabling data collection during tag generation and scanning, and binding of this aggregated information in cloud-hosted management databases.

Visualead Smart Packaging Cloud Management Platform

Premium Mobile QR Code Reader

Embedded in your very own mobile app, our premium reader enables and encourages consumers to engage with your smart products. The reader can also be employed to run mobile AR (Augmented Reality) campaigns, and to implement additional security layers for product authentication.

Chando Loyalty Generation
Chando Loyalty Generation

Chando Loyalty Generation

Chando (by Jala group) a major Chinese cosmetic brand, has successfully implemented our smart Visual QR Code technology and had achieved high scan rates, driving thousands of consumers to register with its customer loyalty program.

Visualead's Visual QR Code have ultimately granted Chando a 600% increase in onboarding new users to its loyalty program compared with other channels utilized by the company in past campaigns.

WangLaoJi Red Tea Campaign
WangLaoJi Red Tea Campaign

WangLaoJi Red Tea Campaign

WangLaoJi is the most renowned tea brand and among the most popular beverages in China. The company has transformed hundreds of millions of beverage cans into smart products by laser marking unique Micro Visual QR Codes underneath the pull tab of each individual can. Consumers open the cans, and scan in the Micro Codes for the possibility to win promotional marketing prizes and giveaways. This highly impactful implementation of Micro Code technology in smart cans – the first ever in the world – could only have been made possible with Visualead's patented solution.

WangLaoJi continues to utilize the technology to successfully engage countless new customers with its digital initiatives, and is now in the process of expanding deployment of smart product capabilities to all its product lines.

Our Smart Product Packaging solutions are successfully employed in more than 2 billion products offered by more than 1,000 leading international and Chinese brands